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Wheel storage

ATHOS tyre

Optimized wheel changing service for car dealerships and workshops

To ensure the smooth wheel changing process, the Hämmerling Group provides a trolley for each wheel set. In this manner, a time-saving, efficient workflow is ensured. After retrieval, the stored wheel sets are delivered on the trolley with the ready-made decal set.

The mechanic rolls the wheel set to be fitted to the vehicle, applies the provided decals on the treads of the wheels that are to be removed, increases the tyre pressure of the wheels to a storage pressure of 2.5 bar and changes the wheels. The changed wheels are moved to the collection point.

The enclosed decals are provided for the workshop order, the copy of the invoice and the customer invoice, ensuring that the wheel changing process is documented in an optimal manner.

Insuring the wheel sets

The wheel sets handed over to the Hämmerling Group are insured starting from the handover during transport and storage, at their current value against theft, fire and vandalism as well as against transport damage.

Quick response times

The orders of the wheel sets can in each case be performed until 14:00 hours in the database, so that they are available to you at the start of the working day at 08:00 hours on the next day.

Internet database

The database contains the datasets with all registered data. (Tyre size, brand, profile, profile depth, rim, any damage to the rim and tyre, customer and vehicle data.)

Treatment of the wheel sets

Optionally, the stored wheel sets can be washed in an environmentally friendly manner in a granulate wheel washing machine and without the use of caustic cleaning agents.

Overnight delivery and collection

The ordered wheel sets are delivered on-time by means of overnight delivery. The wheel sets that are to be changed and stored are collected and assessed.
Due to the optimized replacement of the wheel sets, you save both space as well as time for your workshop workflow and your customer care.